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World on a Plate

An explosion of food flavours from different corners of the globe bring variety and inspired delicious cuisine

Across Harborough District, within local market towns of Lutterworth and Market Harborough and beyond,  a global culinary journey awaits. This district proudly showcases a confluence of global gastronomies – from the fiery spices of India to the homely warmth of Italy and from the aromatic treasures of Pakistan to the rich flavours of China, Turkey and Mexico.

Embarking on a European Sojourn:
At Just So Italian in Market Harborough, you’re transported to the heart of Italy. This high street deli-cafe is full of produce you’d stumble upon in Italian towns. Here, you can unwind with an authentic Italian coffee, indulge in freshly baked pizzas or focaccias, or satisfy your sweet tooth with Italian pastries.

Not too far away in Kibworth Harcourt, Boboli serves modern Italian family food, merging local pride with Italian authenticity. And, of course, countless other Italian culinary treasures are found here.

Journeying to the Warmth of Turkey:
Treat your palate to a mezze at Istanbul Kitchen or savour Stuffed Vine Leaves at Turkuaz Restaurant in Broughton Astley. For those with a sweet inclination, the award-winning homemade baklava at The Mediterranean Deli & Farm Shop in Wistow is a must-try.

Venturing into the Exotic Lands of Asia:
Grounded Kitchen introduces you to Korean-inspired, nutrient-packed bowls. Choose from vegetarian-friendly options like the Buddha bowl or meaty delights like the Bulgogi chicken and avocado. Each dish, fresh and brimming with flavour, tells a story.

For a harmonious blend of cultures, try the authentic Thai dishes at Sawasdee Thai at The Fox Inn in Lutterworth, nestled within a classic British pub setting. Imagine savouring a Masaman Curry alongside a pint of traditional English ale!

Adding to the Asian array is the Han Chinese Restaurant. A staple in Market Harborough for over 25 years, it’s celebrated for its authentic and quality Chinese dishes in a serene ambience.

Sailing to the Subcontinent:
Avatar Dining in Market Harborough and Lutterworth stands as the crowned jewel, named the Best Fine Dining Restaurant in 2023 at the English Curry Awards. But there’s more – relish the unique blend of Nepalese, Indian, and Tibetan cuisines at The Everest Lounge in Market Harborough.

And if your culinary compass still yearns for more, you can wrap up your food odyssey with a Burrito Tijuana at Rio Bravo or drift back to Europe to savour a Marseille Bouillabaisse at Nossa, both in Market Harborough.

In Harborough District, the world’s flavours are at your fingertips. Dive in and delight your senses!

A Taste of England

Harborough District captures the true essence of traditional English food and drink. Here you’ll find beautiful thatched pubs on village greens, olde worlde butchers’ shops and cosy tea rooms galore, alongside a variety of superb restaurants serving modern British cuisine.

Food for Thought

Choose to buy and eat the best local food with provenance and lower food miles so it’s more sustainable, from farm to fork and with the promise of the best of seasonal tastes.

The Home of Veganism

Go for wholesome and plant based alternatives, to embark or fully embrace veganism or maybe just to treat your tastebuds with something different

The World on a Plate

An explosion of food flavours from different corners of the globe bring variety and inspired delicious cuisine