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Choose to buy and eat the best local food with provenance and lower food miles so it’s more sustainable, from farm to fork and with the promise of the best of seasonal tastes.

Harborough District is a place where the traditions of farming and artisanal food production are alive and thriving. Your visit here can take you on an engaging culinary journey, revealing a landscape peppered with remarkable farm shops, mouthwatering delis and exceptional local bakeries, each with its own story.

Of course, eating and drinking locally tastes great and boosts the district’s economy and sustainability. But what’s even more delightful is the feeling of connection it brings. Knowing who farmed your chicken or who baked your bread adds a sense of community to your environment, making the whole experience more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Take Bridge 67 Butchers in Kibworth Beauchamp, for example – a testament to the traditions and values of local farming. Owned by John and Jill Vickers, who have farmed in the area since the 1930s, the butcher’s shop specialises in their family’s lamb and beef reared with meticulous care. A selection of English cheeses, pies, sausages, and more line the shelves, making it a hub for quality produce.

Similarly, Farndon Fields Farm Shop in Market Harborough has evolved from selling spuds in a garage to a ‘destination’ shopping experience without losing sight of its founding principles. The allure of fresh produce, locally reared meat, and homemade pastries embodies the authentic charm that Harborough District has preserved over decades.

At Waterloo Cottage Farm in Great Oxendon, the ideals of regenerative agriculture shine through. With pasture-fed beef and lamb, free-range pork, and an emphasis on ethical standards, Angus and Kirsty Clarke’s farm stands as a beacon of sustainability.

And who could overlook Kingarth Farm Dairy in Burton Overy? With a legacy that stretches over 100 years, the Barbour family’s commitment to quality and innovation is reflected in their dairy products, sold in glass bottles from vending machines.

Then there’s Fosse Meadows Farm at North Kilworth, renowned for its award-winning free-range poultry. Their slow-grown, free-range cockerels are exceptional in taste and have received acclaim from the Great Taste Awards and Good Housekeeping.

But the local culinary adventure doesn’t end at the farm gate. Step into Welton’s in Great Bowden, for example, and discover a deli alive with local treasures, including bread from Wesses Bakehouse. The Mediterranean Deli at Wistow extends the invitation further with a locally sourced selection as diverse and delightful as the district.

No visit to Harborough District would be complete without a stop at The Garage Bakehouse in Market Harborough. What once was a family garage has been transformed by siblings Daniel and Lauren Cadoo into a haven for bread lovers. Their dedication to quality and community resonates in every loaf, pastry, and cup of coffee they serve.

These examples are mere appetisers to the full-course experience that awaits here. It’s a place where food is nourishment – a connection to the land, the community and heritage that continues to flourish. Whether you’re seeking the freshest cut of local beef, an array of artisan cheeses, or the perfect loaf, you’ll find gastronomic treasures aplenty waiting to be discovered here.

It’s not just about buying and eating; it’s about experiencing the story behind every product and business – and forging local connections.

A Taste of England

Harborough District captures the true essence of traditional English food and drink. Here you’ll find beautiful thatched pubs on village greens, olde worlde butchers’ shops and cosy tea rooms galore, alongside a variety of superb restaurants serving modern British cuisine.

Food for Thought

Choose to buy and eat the best local food with provenance and lower food miles so it’s more sustainable, from farm to fork and with the promise of the best of seasonal tastes.

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